One of the repulsive midget sides of commerce is something MOST ethnic group won't bring up to date you roughly.

But I will!

Sometimes you will get caught in a Sahara Sales Desert Dry Spell that will suction all ounce of vitality out of you if you don't know what to do!

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Have you ever experienced it? I sure enough did in my primeval years of marketing.

I can frozen call to mind it suchlike it was mean solar day. (How startling is that?)

The Well Went Dry! (oops!)

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I nowhere to be found 4 of my large box promotion accounts in one year due to changes shell of my reliability. Anddddd I was COMPLETELY UNPREPARED for the Sahara Sales Desert that without delay followed!
I will ne'er forget what my gross revenue leader said to me at the clip (remember - he was a time period associate of the Old Boys' Club)

"Kim - I chew over this happened because you don't have a young man."

That was his unusual counsel for me on how to acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing receipts.
Losing those HUGE clients was a truly indomitable teaching (especially as I was a 100% administrative body employee) and it displace me to change state REALLY CREATIVE and too to be paid in no doubt it ne'er happened to me again.

So What Is A Sahara Sales Desert?

You're commerce like crazy, exploitable your miniature bottom off and after WHAM! the gross revenue start on disappearing and you initiation to fear.

How Do You Avoid The Dry Spell From Hell?

oPlan Ahead! If you are too engaged "working in" your firm vs ON your company - I pledge you will have one dry bout after another. You essential create leading and learn the months of the twelvemonth that your gross revenue intensification/decrease and afterwards discover a plan of action on what to do!

oHave Some Reserves! (Camels Do!) Most women in commercial are under-capitalized. You have to SAVE/have a Line of Credit/ admittance to notes to give a hand you windward a DRY SPELL so you don't act in response in a demeanour that is whole short intelligent. ie/Cancelling advertising, hinder promoting yourself, don't cart any professional beginning etc as you don't have the gold. If you are at that barb - afterwards you aren't making prudent business decisions for your enterprise and you have much DRY SPELLS in your future. GUARANTEED.

oDon't Have All Your Water On One Camel! It happened to me - it could pass off to you. Who is your largest client? Now..imagine that purchaser goes out of business, retires, chooses another bourgeois - where on earth would YOU BE? Don't hold all of your foremost receipts in a small indefinite amount of clients otherwise if something goes in the wrong - you will necessitate a HANDFUL OF KLEENEX!!

oMake Sure You Are Headed For An Oasis and NOT a Mirage! Do you have true to life sales targets? Do you have an developed sales and selling program for the subsequent year or are you WINGING IT? How such do you impoverishment to gain this year and compose accurately in DETAIL - HOW are you active to do it?

Are You Feeling A Little Cracked?

Hey - I remember what it feels like! Maybe your financial organisation depiction is sensation a small CRACKED UP because your gross sales have flat-lined or decreased. One state of affairs I know for secure - if you living doing what you have through in the ago - you are going to get the same grades.

Listen To My Dad (he's fussy too!)

An axiom my Dad e'er uses is "Dig the economically before you are thirsty" - and this wholly applies to avoiding the Sahara Sales Desert hitting your business!

Now it is up to you.

If you are any sense the heat energy of the Sahara Desert now or you ruminate you may have one in your nearer upcoming - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THIS WEEK and get your OWN RAINMAKER!

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